Teen Adoption

teen-pregnancyFor many teens facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is a positive option. Adoption can give you the freedom to pursue your goals and know that you have made a caring decision for your child. Choosing life for your baby and giving a wonderful gift to another family is a very courageous and wonderful thing. There are many couples that can’t have their own children and are waiting to adopt a child. Counselors and support groups are available through most adoption agencies to help with the emotions surrounding adoption. If you decide on adoption, you can choose to have it open or closed. An open adoption is when you get to choose the parents who will be raising your baby and a closed adoption is when everything is kept private


Many pregnant teens decide to have an abortion because they believe it will be a quick resolution to a difficult situation. Often teens who give in to the idea of abortion are pressured into it by their partners. In a survey taken of women who have had abortions, 63% of them felt “forced” by other people into the abortion, and 74% of the women surveyed said they would not have the abortion again. Make up your own mind based on factual information. You have time. Don’t make any quick decisions based on fear, panic or pressure.

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