Pregnancy Travel

pregnancy travel If you’re going through pregnancy, you may be wondering if it’s safe for you to travel & also what extra precautions you should take during your time away. If you are in good health and you’ve already spoken with your doctor or midwife about possible risks and potential problems that may arise (especially if planning to travel abroad), the decision is all yours.  Pregnancy travel — this may be the last time you’ll have a chance to get away with your partner for a while; just the two of you.

The safest time for a woman to travel during pregnancy is in the second trimester, preferably month 4 through month 6; when there is the least risk of miscarriage (which would more likely happen prior to 12 weeks) and premature labor (which would be more likely after 28 weeks). Plus, during the second trimester, morning sickness has typically let up; allowing you to feel better and in addition, you are not big enough yet to feel too uncomfortable being out-and-about. Also, check with the airline as some have specific restrictions for pregnant women.

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