10 Weeks Pregnant

If you are pregnant and at 10 weeks, your baby is between 1 – 1 1/2 inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs close to 5 grams. Your baby’s umbilical cord is now completely formed and is performing the important function of delivering nutrients and oxygen to your developing baby.

The arms and legs are growing longer and your baby toes and fingers are becoming recognizable, although they are still webbed. By this week, the external ears should be fully formed and visible, but your baby’s head is still large in relation to the rest of his or her body. Your baby’s heart will continue to develop and grow and the heartbeat may be picked up using a Doppler device.

Even though you don’t look pregnant yet, you may start to gain some weight now; probably only 3-5 pounds so far. Your body temperature has risen slightly, caused by increased blood volume.

You may find that you feel warmer than you did previously and your veins will become more noticeable. Due to normal hormonal changes during pregnancy, your gums may become softer and swollen. They may even bleed at times. You need to brush and floss them regularly to avoid gum infections.

You may find yourself feeling very emotional and moody at this point, which is perfectly normal. Pregnancy hormones have this affect on your emotional state, causing shifts in your mood and for you to cry more easily.

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