14 Weeks – Pregnant

If you are pregnant and at 14 weeks, your baby is between 3 and 4 inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs about 2 ounces now. Fine hair is forming on your little one’s head, as well as downy hair all over his or her body, which is called lanugo. Most of the hair that covers your baby’s body will disappear before birth.

Your baby’s neck is longer and now complete and your baby’s fingerprints have appeared. As your baby’s facial muscles attach themselves, your baby is able to smile, frown and make cute expressions.

Your baby is able to suck his or her thumb now, since the sucking reflex is developed, which you might get lucky enough to catch on ultrasound. You most likely will begin to hear your baby’s heartbeat during your monthly prenatal visits from now on.

You may want to consider buying some maternity clothes now (or at least some larger, loose-fitting clothes that are less restrictive), because your uterus is becoming noticeably thicker. You may be suffering from heartburn, indigestion and bloating now. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, along with eating small frequent meals may help bring you some relief.

You may also be suffering with more frequent headaches as a result of the changes in your hormone levels. Drinking plenty of fluids and getting an adequate amount of sleep can prevent this from happening.

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