Pregnancy Week 40

40-weeks This week of pregnancy, your baby is about 21 inches in length and weighs probably close to 7 pounds. Full term babies weight varies greatly, so really your baby could be 6 pounds or weigh as much as 10-11 pounds! Your baby is very cramped and has very little room to move, twist and turn. If you are worried about decreased movement, sip on some juice and rest for a bit. If your baby’s activity doesn’t pick up, calling your doctor or midwife may not be a bad idea.

You have made it to your due date! You are most likely getting somewhat impatient now, but just remember that your due date is nearly an estimate. You may not care how much you measure or even how much you weigh at this time, you may only care about how soon you’re going to be having your baby! Your doctor or midwife may mention inducing your labor soon, if it doesn’t begin on its own, but probably not until after you have passed your due date. It surely won’t be long now until your new little one is cradled in your arms, staring up at you!

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