Pregnant Week 6

Your baby is about 1/2 of an inch in length (from crown to rump) and is experiencing rapid growth. Limb buds begin to appear on the body, which will later form your baby’s arms and legs. Mid-way through this week, your baby’s eyes begin to form and tiny depressions will start to appear on either side of his or her head where the ears and inner ear will later form.

Your baby’s digestive system is becoming more refined as the stomach and intestines develop. The appendix is in place now, as well. At this point, your baby is completely enclosed in the amniotic sac and the stalk begins to grow into the umbilical cord, forming blood vessels within. Your baby’s heart is beating and pumping blood, providing circulation for its tiny body this week.

It’s been about an entire month now, since your baby was conceived, but you may not notice too many changes in your body quite yet. Your uterus is growing, but you probably haven’t noticed any major changes to your abdomen. It most likely hasn’t gotten much thicker at this point, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

It’s normal for you to feel more tired and exhausted than you usually do. Fatigue is quite common throughout pregnancy, since your body is working so hard to create this little baby. Make sure you get plenty of rest (a nap in the afternoon wouldn’t hurt). Continue to take your prenatal vitamins, in addition to eating a well-balanced diet, because fatigue is often aggravated by a deficiency in iron or protein.

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