Pregnancy Week 8

pregnancy week 8
At week 8 of your pregnancy your baby is a little more than 1/2 of an inch in length (crown-to-rump) and changing shape, becoming more and more recognizable as a human. Your baby’s head is quite big and still way out of proportion to his or her body, due to the rapid growth of the brain.

Your baby’s facial features are becoming more defined and the external ears are now present. Teeth are forming under the gums and your baby’s cartilage and bones are developing and hardening. Major joints are forming, allowing your baby’s arms to bend at the elbow.

Your baby’s fingers are discernible and toe rays appear on the foot plates. The cells that will become either testes or ovaries arrive, but you can’t tell by looking whether your baby is a girl or a boy, yet.

Your uterus is getting larger and you may begin to notice your clothes becoming slightly more snug, although these changes are very gradual. You have probably noticed that you need to urinate more frequently now as the growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder. This is quite common, since your baby is growing and also hopefully you are increasing your fluid intake.

Start your pregnancy right by seeing a doctor or midwife. Your first prenatal appointment may occur about now. Your doctor or midwife will likely go over your medical history and ask you some questions about your health. You will have your blood pressure taken, your weight documented and you’ll have a urine test done. You may also have some blood tests done this time and possibly a pelvic exam, if you haven’t had one recently.

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