Should I Breastfeed or Bottle-Feed?

Experts agree that choosing to breastfeed your baby is the best choice for both mother and child. Here are six great reasons to choose breastfeeding.

  • Breast milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk or commercial formulas. The proportion of protein is lower in mother’s milk, making it easier for babies to handle. Breast milk also contains one-third less mineral salt, making it easier on baby’s kidneys.
  • Because of the easier digestibility of breast milk, babies that are breastfed are almost never constipated and they also rarely have diarrhea.
  • Breast milk is less likely to cause your infant to become overweight and also decreases the chances of obesity later in life.
  • Virtually no baby is allergic to breast milk (although some babies can have allergic reactions to certain foods in their mother’s diets). Breastfeeding can actually protect your baby from allergies, eczema and asthma and can also help make allergies less severe, if they do develop.
  • It is less expensive than bottle-feeding. There are no bottles, sterilizers and expensive formula to buy.
  • Breastfeeding brings mother and baby together, skin to skin, at least six to eight times a day. It can feel warm and comforting to you as well as your baby. The emotional gratification and intimacy, can be very fulfilling. Some believe breastfeeding leads to a closer bond between mother and baby. Also, many women feel a great sense of pride in seeing their baby grow strong and healthy on their milk alone.

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