Pregnant Week 7

This week of pregnancy your baby is about 1/3 of an inch in length now (crown-to-rump) and continuing to develop and grow very rapidly. Facial characteristics are now forming, with the beginnings of eyes, ears and nostrils. The upper and lower jaws and mouth are forming and the detail of your baby’s lips, tongue and teeth buds may now be visible.

The lenses of your tiny baby’s eyes are also developing this week. Your baby’s brain and head are growing, along with the intestines, pituitary gland and pancreas. The leg and arm buds have grown and resemble paddles.

Your baby’s heart is now made up of four chambers and pumping blood at about 150 beats per minute, which may be detected on ultrasound.

You are still probably not ‘showing’ yet, although you may have gained or lost (if you’ve been bothered by morning sickness) a few pounds at this point, but you are most likely about the same as pre-pregnancy. Even though changes in you are happening much more gradually than your baby, don’t worry, those changes will come soon.

Your breasts and nipples may be more tender or sore than you experience just prior to the beginning of your period, caused by hormonal changes that are associated with pregnancy. They also may be slightly larger and a bit swollen at this point, which is completely normal. In addition, you may notice the areola around your nipples getting darker and the glands elevating.

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