After an Ectopic Pregnancy

There may be a loss of potential for future pregnancies if the fallopian tube was removed. This can be an additional loss. The outlook for future pregnancies after an ectopic or tubal pregnancy mainly depends on the extent of the surgery that was done.

Although the chances of having a successful pregnancy are lower after an ectopic pregnancy, they are still good, especially if the fallopian tube was spared. Even if one fallopian tube was removed, an egg can be fertilized in the other tube.

If both tubes were lost, the woman may be somewhat relieved and devastated at the same time, because there may be an end to years of trying to conceive. There may be difficult decisions to face about adoption, in vitro fertilization or no more pregnancies.

After treatment of an ectopic pregnancy, the woman will most likely need to be seen by her doctor on a regular basis to recheck her HCG level until it reaches zero. An HCG level that remains high could indicate that the ectopic tissue was not entirely removed.

Experiencing an ectopic pregnancy may be painful both physically and emotionally. Once the crisis is over, some women find themselves relieved to know the cause o their pain. They may also begin to experience a wide range of emotions- relief, sadness, anger, guilt and possibly a sense of failure.

A woman who has experienced an ectopic pregnancy may feel the need to talk about her experience over and over again. Talking with a supportive person can help her recognize her own feelings about the loss. There will always be reminders to the woman- of her ectopic pregnancy. A scar on her abdomen, dates on the calendar and even certain people she sees can trigger emotions and memories.

Ectopic pregnancy is complex because the woman is faced with many different loss issues at the same time. It takes time to recover from an ectopic pregnancy and the changes it has made in the woman’s life. Some people need a few days, while others need months or even years.

There is no right way to react to any kind of loss, including ectopic pregnancy. Some women may be completely devastated by it, while some might feel it is just an experience they have to live through. Some women may mourn deeply for their lost child, while some might feel somewhat relieved that they are no longer pregnant. The full impact of these feelings may not be realized initially. All of these emotions are normal. Feelings are not right or wrong- they just are.

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