Fertility Charting Tools

To chart your fertility, the only tools you need are a ‘calendar’ or fertility chart/graph and a basal body thermometer. Basal thermometers are more accurate than regular thermometers and are ultra-sensitive, tracking your body’s slightest temperature shift. Most digital basal thermometers come with a sample graph that can be enlarged and duplicated on any copy machine, or you can even download a printable chart on-line. Some women prefer to do their charting completely on-line, it’s just a matter of person preference.

Record your observations and findings on your chart each day. If you tend to have very regular cycles each month, your charts may look strikingly similar. If your monthly cycles are irregular, you may gain a wealth of information by charting for an extended period of time.

–Tracking your basal body temperature (or BBT)
–Observing changes in your cervical mucus
–Monitoring your physical and emotional symptoms
–Checking the position and shape of your cervix

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