Ovulation Calendar: Pregnancy Tips (continued)

Days 9- 12 of Your Cycle

Your uterine lining is building up, thickening and becoming engorged with extra blood and tissue. Blood vessels are enlarging inside your uterus and your body is getting ready to receive and nourish a fertilized egg. Your estrogen level is rising more and more and your BBT is still low. One of your eggs is just about ready to be released from your ovary.

As ovulation approaches, the blood supply to one of your ovaries increases and the ligaments contract, pulling the ovary closer to the fallopian tube, which will allow the egg, once released, to find its way into the tube. Your cervical mucus will now start to become thinner and more stretchy, because of increased levels of estrogen and will turn to a consistency of raw egg whites, which allows sperm to easily penetrate your cervix. Your cervix may be softening, opening up and rising higher, making it harder to reach.

You are becoming highly fertile at this stage in your cycle. This is the optimum time for you and your partner to begin making love every day for the best chance of conceiving, since your body is almost ready for ovulation. It wouldn’t hurt for your partner”s sperm to be ready and waiting for your egg in the fallopian tube. Sperm can live up to 5 days inside your body, under the right conditions which can increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Days – 13 to 16 of Cycle

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