Pregnancy Week 26

Your baby is about 11- 11 1/2 inches in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds. Capillaries (tiny blood vessels) start to develop under your baby’s skin, turning the skin a reddish-pink color, which makes it less transparent than previously. Vernix is continuing to build up on your baby’s skin as well. Up until around this point, your baby’s nostrils have been plugged, but they are beginning to open.

Your baby’s lungs will continue their rapid growth this week and air sacks are developing in them. Your little one’s brain is still growing fast and brain wave activity begins this week for the visual and auditory systems. Even though your baby is developing and growing rapidly, he or she is still lean, but is beginning to fill out.

No doubt, your belly is getting bigger, but you still shouldn’t be to the point where you are getting uncomfortable quite yet. Physically, you may be feeling pretty good and this is probably an exciting time, since everyone seems to notice your belly. Two-thirds of your pregnancy is behind you now and you are quickly approaching the end of your second trimester.

You may notice some positive pregnancy symptoms, including thicker, faster-growing hair and nails as a result of increased circulation. Although, sometimes it can cause hair growth in places where you may not want it to; like on your face and belly.

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