Pregnancy Week 27

This week your baby is about 12 inches (crown-to-rump) and weighs about 2 pounds. Your baby’s lungs are developing more and more and the chances for survival if born this week have increased dramatically.

Although your baby would still require intensive care and may still have a chance of severe disability. Brain wave recordings show rapid eye movement and your baby’s brain patterns will continue to develop, becoming more sophisticated, although at this stage they are similar to a full term baby.

Your baby’s skin is still wrinkled right now due to the fact that the skin grows faster that the fat layer underneath it, but fat stores are accumulating as the weeks go by.

Your uterus can now be felt about halfway between your belly button and your rib cage and you are probably feeling stronger, more vigorous kicking and stretching at this stage.

Due to the compression on your bladder by your growing baby, you may develop a new symptom sometime around now, called stress incontinence. It’s when a little urine leaks out, usually only when you cough, sneeze or laugh. It is more common in women who have already given birth before than those pregnant with their first child. Kegel exercises, which are also useful for firming up pelvic muscles for delivery and postpartum recovery, can help control incontinence.

From time to time you may also experience some pelvic pain as your uterus grows and stretches the ligaments that hold it in place. Most often this pain will be felt in the groin area and inside thighs. Resting as much as possible should bring some relief.

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