Pregnancy Week 32

32-weeks This week your baby is about 18 inches in length and weighs close to 4 pounds. Your baby continues to fill out, gain weight and is taking up much of the available space in your uterus. From this point on your baby’s weight will increase faster than his or her length. Your baby’s increased size makes his or her movements seem more pronounced and you may find it causes you some pain if kicked in the ribs.

Your baby may be getting into position for birth, with his or her head down, although if your baby is still head up (or breech), there is still time for him or her to turn.

Your doctor or midwife may begin having you come in every two weeks now, instead of on a monthly basis. You may have gained somewhere between 22-28 pounds at this point in your pregnancy. You may gain close to a pound a week from here on out.

Regular exercise is still an important activity for you, even though it may be getting harder as you get larger and heavier. Try swimming, stretching and walking, all excellent options for pregnant women. Make sure you drink lots of water and it’s best not to exercise in very hot weather, because you don’t want to become over-heated. Take it easy to ensure that you don’t over exert yourself.

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