Pregnancy Week 9

This week 9 of pregnancy your baby is about an inch in length (crown-to-rump) and weighs about a gram. Your baby’s rapid growth is phenomenal! All the major internal organs, muscles and nerves are ‘now in place and will continue to grow and develop throughout your pregnancy.

Your baby’s eyes are fully formed and covered by a thin membrane, which are the eyelids. The eyelids are fused shut, but will eventually open later on in your baby’s development (between 24-27 weeks along). Your baby is now beginning to straighten its body and blood vessels can be seen through his or her skin, because of its transparency.

By now, your baby is very active, although you can’t feel your baby moving around or kicking yet, since he or she is still so small. Your baby can respond to touch at this point and your baby would move and turn away from the source.

If you were not pregnant, you would be having your second period this week. Some women have a small amount of light spotting at this time. You may notice some changes to your body shape by this stage and you may have gained a small amount of weight, although if you are still suffering from morning sickness, you may have lost a little instead. Your body has started preparing itself for the extra demands placed on it during your pregnancy. Your heart is beating faster than normal and your blood volume is increasing. The largest increase in blood volume will occur during the second trimester by about 50% or more.

Occasionally, some women may feel dizzy or light-headed if they stand up quickly or for too long. This is fairly common during pregnancy and often caused by low blood pressure (hypotension). It can also be caused by high or low blood sugar levels. Make sure you don’t skip meals and that you are eating regularly. Also, when you stand up, do it slowly to avoid feeling faint.

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