Dairy Products Increase Odds of Conceiving Twins and Decrease Low Birth-Weight Babies

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Strict vegans (whose diets exclude all animal and dairy products) have a much lower chance of conceiving twins than meat-eaters and vegetarians because dairy products increase ovulation and prompt the release of eggs. This is due to more and more growth hormones being fed to dairy cattle to boost their beef and milk production which, in turn, stimulate the release of a growth protein called Insulin-like Growth Factor (or IGF) that finds its way into the cow’s milk. This heightens sensitivity of women’s ovaries, promoting the release of eggs (possibly allowing more than one to become fertilized).

Vegans IGF levels are lower than women who consume milk and other dairy products. Twin births occur much more frequently in countries that consume more milk. African American women have much higher IGF levels than most other groups as well as the highest rates of conceiving twins. Asian women have the lowest IGF levels and also the lowest rates of conceiving twins. Caucasian women fall in the middle. It appears as if a woman’s chance of conceiving twins runs hand-in-hand with the level of IGF in her blood.

In a separate Canadian study by Montreal’s McGill University and the University of Calgary, researchers found that both milk consumption and vitamin D intake are major predictors of birth weight. Low consumption of milk during pregnancy can effect the baby’s birth weight, leading to the birth of a much smaller baby. Therefore, don’t severely restrict your daily dairy intake to decrease your chances of conceiving twins, because your baby may suffer as a result. Drink your milk to keep you and your baby happy and healthy. Three 8-ounce glasses per day during pregnancy is recommended.

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