Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

A common discomfort in pregnancy is hemorrhoids. You may experience hemorrhoids when blood flow increases and your growing uterus puts pressure on your rectum and perineum. Hemorrhoids are basically enlarged (varicose) veins in the rectal area that can become worse late in pregnancy and may even bleed slightly. Sometimes they are caused by straining because of constipation.

Try to avoid constipation by drinking plenty of water and making sure you have enough fiber in your diet.  This will help you prevent hemorrhoids due to constipation.

Warm sitz baths may bring some relief, as well as ice packs (or witch hazel pads, cooled in the refrigerator) if they become very uncomfortable.  Hemorrhoids occur the most in the third trimester although they can present themselves at anytime when constipated.  Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful.

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